Current Listening Post Communities

New Orleans

The Listening Post New Orleans uses cell phones, public signs, and roving recording devices to capture and share voices, information, and opinions from around New Orleans. The goal is to create and expand conversations around important local issues.

This New Orleans based community media project was created by reporter Jesse Hardman in partnership with Internews,GroundSource, and WWNO.

Macon, GA. 

The Listening Post Macon is a new, community-driven news service in Macon, Georgia run out of the Center for Collaborative Journalism at Mercer University. We want to give everyone in Macon a chance to have their voice heard so we can all understand our community better. 

Jersey Shore

The Listening Post Jersey Shore is part of the Jersey Shore Hurricane News outlet.   JSHN is a two-way news outlet, news for the people, by the people. JSHN covers news, traffic, and weather in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. News you can use.
Since its inception in the days preceding Hurricane Irene, JSHN has evolved into covering news, traffic, weather, and community oriented information throughout New Jersey, 

JSHN's overarching objective to report real-time news -- as it's happening. JSHN prides itself in original, accurate reporting and investigative work as well as gathering and curating tips from our contributors.

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